The Battle for the Thermostat

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The Battle for the Thermostat

It’s been referred to as the new cold war, sexist, and making women dumber than men…. Research reveals that men perform best at cognitive tasks in cooler conditions while women are quite the opposite – being more productive when temperatures are slightly steamier…

Whichever way you look at it, there are moments in a women’s life when an air conditioner could become her new best friend.

Times such as during pregnancy and menopause when, thanks to major hormonal and psychological changes in their bodies, temperatures seem hotter than they actually are, and humidity takes its toll more than ever. There are in fact several compelling reasons why pregnant and menopausal women need air conditioning… seriously!

Good quality fresh air

It’s quite common for pregnant women to mainly spend the last trimester indoors. During this time in their pregnancy, the quality of the air they breathe is critical for good health and even survival of their unborn child. Without good air conditioning, the indoor environment might not provide enough circulating fresh air and also high indoor humidity encourages mould growth. Having a properly maintained and serviced air conditioner in your home ensures that circulating indoor air is free from dust, pollen, and other allergens.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping in high temperatures can be challenging. Pregnant women need their beauty sleep more than ever, as research shows poor sleep quality during pregnancy can result in lower birth weights and premature births. Menopausal women on the other hand are encouraged to avoid large meals, alcohol and coffee before bedtime. According to the National Sleep Foundation the best sleep happens in a room that’s 15 to 19 degrees Celsius, so keeping cool at night is highly beneficial.

Beat the Heat

As with pregnancy, menopausal women also suffer from heat intolerance which results in excessive sweating, blurred vision, irritability and frustration. Drinking plenty of fluids, applying a cool damp cloth to the back of the neck, forehead or top of the head and relaxing in cool air-conditioned environments are all great suggestions to keep the body temperature down.

So, perhaps it’s time to put the battle for the thermostat aside and join men in their love for cooler air?

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