Clean Air is Crucial for your child’s Success

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Clean Air is Crucial for your child’s Success

Your children spend a minimum of 8 hours everyday in your home while they are asleep.  A child will spend 40 percent of his or her childhood asleep. Sleep is especially important for children as it directly impacts mental and physical development.

Over the years, issues that affect the health of our children such as nutrition and exercise have received a great deal of focus. Unfortunately another matter that has a tremendous impact on a student’s ability to succeed has been largely overlooked — Indoor Air Quality. In order to be successful, students must have clean, healthy air to breathe. Not only can poor indoor air quality cause illnesses that keep them home from school, but recent findings have also shown that it may directly reduce their ability to learn.

Clean air is crucial for student success

Children are especially vulnerable to harmful and irritating air pollutants such as microbiological pollutants, allergens, chemicals, and ultrafine particles. Air pollution directly affects their lung development.

Children later in life, exposured to polluted air have been associated with decreased respiratory function. Increasing levels of asthma in schoolage children are closely associated with increased exposure to air pollution.

Studies have associated poor Indoor Air Quality with a decrease in students’ ability to perform specific mental tasks requiring concentration, calculation and memory.

What can you do?

Parents can take action to make sure their children are breathing clean, healthy air in their homes and make their schools aware of the issues as well. By having the air conditioner regularly cleaned you will ensure your children have the best air to benefit their mental development.

You could also be asking your child’s school if they are regularly inspecting and maintaining their HVAC systems?

Are there routine inspections for moisture and mould? Have they established prevention and remediation plans?

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