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Air Conditioner Cleaning

Our Highly Effective Air Conditioner Cleaning Process

Cleaning the inside of your air conditioner it’s like maintaining your car or going to the dentist, it’s a regular service that you shouldn’t miss.

At The 99 People we are expert technicians in air conditioner cleaning and servicing.

We have our own 10 Step Process to ensure best results:

  • Pre-check and test air conditioner temperature and fans to ensure unit is working.

  • Check surroundings and protect with waterproof tarp.

  • Remove filters and unit cover and take them outside to clean and sanitise.

  • Spray treatment foam which kills mould, bacteria and loosens dirt from coils, drain, fan, fan housing and filters. Leave it for 5-10 min to activate.

  • Using a pressure hose, fully wash the treatment out with clean water.

  • Flush and check the drain to ensure there are no possible leaks.

  • Check fan blades and covers for corrosion and/or grime.

  • Spray the unit with sanitiser and antifungal product to prevent mould and bacteria from regrowing.

  • Reassemble all components, dry excess moisture on or around the aircon unit and test airflow again. Clean and tidy, leaving the area as we found it.

  • Provide a completed next service sticker with recommendation for future aircon high performance.


Air Conditioning Cleaning Packages to Suit Your Needs

We understand that each person and household have different needs. That’s why we have created different packages for each occasion. If your situation does not suit any of these packages, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a tailor-made solution for you.
The 99 People Standard
*Service subject to unit accessibility.
The 99 People AC Standard Plus

*Service subject to unit accessibility.

The 99 People AC SA Premium
*Service subject to unit accessibility.
The 99 People AC SA Premium Plus
*Service subject to unit accessibility.


Why is Important to Get a Thorough Air Conditioner Cleaning?

There are several reasons why it is very important to regularly complete a full air conditioner cleaning process to ensure that your air conditioner in good working condition. Some of them are :

Fix some minor issues

When dirt, dust, mould, grime and bacteria from the environment accumulates inside the unit, it can cause the air conditioner to leak, smell bad, no longer cool or consume too much energy, as these microorganisms can clog filters and drains and make the air conditioner struggle to operate efficiently.

Breathe clean and healthy air

When we turn our air conditioning on micro-organisms are transmitted in the air that comes out. Since you are constantly breathing this air, it can have an impact on your health and it can especially affect asthma, allergy suffers, children and the sick. Regular aircon cleaning limits the growth of these micro-organisms.

Improve efficiency and reduce your power bill

After your unit is cleaned and decongested your air conditioner will work more efficiently and this will directly affect your power bill by reducing energy output. You will feel your AC reach optimum cooling temperature much faster.

Improve performance and lifespan

If you want to stay away from costly repairs, make sure you book to have your ac cleaned regularly. It also increases the lifespan of your unit. You could easily expand its life expectancy by up to 75%!


We'll Bring Your Air Conditioner Back to New so You Can Breathe Clean and Healthy Air Again

Our friendly team are professionals in air conditioner deep clean with a customer service focus. Our main objective is to ensure your home is a pleasant environment to live.

We don’t fix electrical problems with air conditioners, but we can refer you to someone who does.

Our air conditioning services are designed to meet the needs of the largest number of homes and families in Australia, guaranteeing an environment with clean air,  free of bacteria.

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Other Services We Offer

The 99 People can take care of all services in just one visit. Save time managing multiple appointments and save money as discounts are offered for multiple services booked at the same address.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases the coil is probably dirty – especially if it has never been cleaned. If the temperature falls down a few degrees after cleaning, then the problem was simply “it needed cleaning”. If not, it may require refrigerant.

In most cases it is probably very dirty and therefore the airflow is inhibited. Once the blower fan (drum) has been properly cleaned the airflow will generally double. The drum has up to 400 small fan blades on it – once the leading edge of each blade gets a build-up of dirt attached it simply becomes inefficient. If the drum is turning very slowly then you may need to replace a fan motor.
Firstly, check to see that your remote is on the right “MODE”. If it is then you will need a qualified A/C technician to check the gas level and/or possibly the compressor.

Generally, this is due to the blower fan (drum) being out of balance. A build-up of contaminants on the drum will cause this over time. A clean will fix the problem.

A smelly air conditioner is a “dirty air conditioner. A “proper” clean will rectify the problem. A really bad odour can be caused by small “critters crawling up the drain and not being able to get out or alternatively they have crawled into the head unit and died, which will also cause a bad smell. Of course, a service and clean will fix both of these problems.
If your remote is in working order (check the batteries), then you will need to switch it on manually. You will generally find the manual button up near the electrical panel. If it switches on manually then you need to have a qualified technician check the receiver board.
This is generally due to very dirty filters. If you neglect to clean your filters regularly you will slowly choke your air conditioner to death!